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‘Don Celino’ is 121, according to his Chilean ID card. That makes him four years older than the Guinness-listed oldest person.

When Marta Ramírez agreed at age 63 to take in a destitute nonagenarian, she didn’t see it as a long-term imposition.

The man’s house had burned down, he had no one else and he looked frail.

“He was 99, I didn’t think he’d be around that much longer,” Ramírez recalls.

She is now 85, and her long-term guest, Celino Villaneuva Jaramillo, is 121 – very probably the world’s oldest man.

Born in 1896 – a year after George VI, and four years before the current Guinness-listed oldest person, Nabi Tajima – Jaramillo lost his birth certificate in the same house fire that made him destitute 20 years ago.

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Photograph: Piotr Kozak

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